Optic Nerve and also Retina.

Optic Nerve and also Retina.

In the severe kind the retina as well as optic nerve exiting. The very same problem exists in the vascular tunic; particularly, that of venous stasis with the ensuing edema. Frequently minute hemorrhages happen in the retina, specifically in fierce intense strikes. Cupping of the discs gradually creates, causing basically extending of the nerve fibers over the edge of the mug.

The steady diminution of the field of vision schedules in majority to death of outer worrying aspects of the retina, those parts of the field farthest eliminated from the huge arterial trunks experiencing initially. The plan of the arteries at the disc, passing out as they do from the nasal side, of necessity make the vessels that pass to the temporal part of the retina lengthiest and of much less caliber.

These vessels as well as their terminals are first to endure a significant decrease in dimension.

The fatality of the observant components provided with nutrition by these vessels follows. For this reason, the nasal part of the visual field is regularly the initial to vanish. In congestive (inflammatory) glaucoma, the typical line of vision reveals the most marked contraction on the nasal side. The disturbance of the nourishment of the retina accounts in greater part for the numerous types of visual field met with.

Death of all of the perceptive components of the retina eventually occurs. The loss of nourishment is obviously not the entire reason for blindness. Atrophy of the nerve fibers adheres to the death of retinal neurons. However, atrophy of a few of the nerve fibers may be, and probably is, because of the stress and also grip applied upon them at the margin of the disc. 파워볼분석법

It is possible that excessive significance has actually been provided to this setting of disturbance with the nerve fibers. Nevertheless, the adjustment in the setting of the lamina needs to put in an unhealthy impact, especially on those fibers which pass through the outer meshes. The form of which must necessarily be much distorted. In glaucoma simplex. Which is great without significant congestive periods (intense strikes).

A remarkably high level of acuity of vision may exist with deep excavation and light nerve. Careful studies of the retinal vessels in glaucoma (Verhoeff Arch. of Ophth. XLII. p. 145; Opin. Soc. Française depth. 1908) divulge the fact that a boost in the flexible cells and also connective cells elements occur in many cases. Additionally, the proliferation of the endothelial cells, which offer to irregularly narrow and also. In some instances, take out the lumen of the vessel. Arteries and blood vessels are both influenced. Hyaline deterioration of the media additionally happens. The procedure is not uniform.

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